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Jason Vitug

Founder & CEO
San Francisco, CA

Jason Vitug is an author, speaker, and social impact entrepreneur as founder personal finance website and lifestyle brand - Phroogal. He is known as a financial motivator and lifestyle engineer helping thousands of people around the country live their dream lifestyle through financial knowledge. 

 Jason is the promoter of The Smile Lifestyle movement, an online and social community of millennials who are living purposeful lives and making informed financial decisions to stop wasting time and money, and focus on the things that matter. The movement is based on a belief that experiential and purposeful living can be achieved through sound financial decision making. 

 Jason worked in the financial services industry for 8 years and was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for a San Francisco Bay Area based credit union that experienced transformative growth during his tenure by aligning financial education with member development.

 In 2012, Jason left his senior executive role and backpacked around the world visiting 20 countries in 12 months. Through this journey he created his purpose and in 2013 started Phroogal as a personal finance blog. Phroogal became the most successful personal finance related crowdfunded campaign raising $78,501 with the support of 541 people.

Jason is the creator of the award winning project - The Road to Financial Wellness - a grassroots and social media campaign to break the social taboo about money and empower a generation to live their dreams. In 2015, Jason and his team completed a 10,218 mile road trip across the United States, and participated in 37 events in 30 locations, attended by over 8,000 people in 30 days. In 2016, the second financial wellness road trip made financial education history and completed over 18,000 miles with 54 events.

 He is a graduate of Norwich University and Rutgers University receiving a B.S. in Finance and holds a Masters of Business Administration. 

Jason is a considered a topic expert on millennial financial education, money mindset, lifestyle and purposeful living. He’s been featured on Forbes, Money, USA Today, and the NY Times. Jason’s personal writing can be read on The Smile Lifestyle blog, numerous personal finance websites, and was a contributor to US News & World Report and Business Insider.

In 2016, Jason’s first book published by Wiley, titled You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life, became a bestseller and reviewed in The New York Times.

Jason is an avid social media user and can be easily reached via Twitter @jasonvitug.